Cards Against Humanity Nerd Bundle

Cards Against Humanity Nerd Bundle
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Cards Against Humanity is a fun game for humorous people. In Cards Against Humanity, you create funny and bizarre combinations of associations and concepts by stacking cards. Known as one of the best games for parties and humorous people.

Cards Against Humanity is a game where one player becomes the judge (for one round) and selects a black card with a question or terms that need to be completed. Each player then chooses cards from their hand that answer the question or fill in the blanks. The judge then decides who has chosen the most bizarre and funny combination.

It sounds quite innocent, but the content of the cards ensures that you definitely won’t feel that way after playing.

If crude and dark humor is your thing, then you will enjoy this game. For added excitement, you can also bet on your answers during the game and earn double points. You can always keep the cards with you and use them as cheat sheets in stressful situations when you’re at a loss for words. They are particularly well received by police officers, bosses, and mothers-in-law.

  • The pack is composed of previously released packs meant for geeks.
  • This is an expansion pack. You need the main game to play.
  • Includes ten new cards and 192 cards that were previously released in the Fantasy, Science, Geek, Sci-Fi, World Wide Web, Human, and A.I. packs.


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