Complete Ghost Stories

Complete Ghost Stories
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Chilling as some of these stories are, Dickens has managed to inject characteristically grotesque comedy as he writes  of revenge, insanity, pre-cognition and dream visions, he indulges also in some debunking of contemporary credulity.

Stories include:

  • The Queer Chair
  • A Madman’s Manuscript
  • The Goblins who Stole a Sexton
  • The Ghosts of the Mail
  • The Baron of Grogzwig
  • A Christmas Carol
  • The Haunted Man and the Ghost’s Bargain
  • To be Read at Dusk
  • The Ghost in the Bride’s Chamber
  • The Haunted House
  • The Trial for Murder (to be taken with a grain of salt)
  • The Signalman
  • Christmas Ghosts
  • The Lawyer and the Ghost
  • Four Ghost Stories
  • The Portrait-Painter’s Story
  • Captain Murderer and the Devil’s Bargain
  • Mr Testator’s Visitation
  • A Child’s Dream of a Star
  • Well-Authenticated Rappings


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