Future State: Justice League

Future State: Justice League
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In the far future, our Earth is cut off from the Multiverse, and an all-new Justice League must investigate a string of murders!

In this witch hunt terrorizing the DC Universe, the team is scattered and in hiding. Zatanna must round up the remaining magic users who are willing to come out of the shadows and fight the villainous force stalking the supernatural heroes and villains. What will be uncovered, and who is the demonic antihero at the heart of it all?

Collects Future State: Justice League #1-2, Future State: Aquaman #1-2, Future State: The Flash #1-2,and Future State: Green Lantern #1-2.

DC Future State spotlights the World’s Greatest Super Heroes in fresh new roles, with all-new characters taking up their iconic mantles. DC Future State features an incredible array of creative talent, combining award-winning writers and artists with new voices from the worlds of TV, movies and animation. Discover the DC Universe like never before!


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