Granblue Fantasy, Vol. 01

Granblue Fantasy, Vol. 01
Najniža cijena u zadnjih 30 dana: 11.58

14,47  (109,02 Kn)

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Besplatna dostava za narudžbe iznad 40 EUR / 301,41 kn


The manga based on the acclaimed RPG, from the designers of gaming classics Final Fantasy V/VI/IX. Don’t wait for Granblue Fantasy: Relink to return to the world of Granblue!


Ever since his father left home, Gran has longed to search for Estalucia, the mystical island in the sky. Gran’s adventure begins when he runs into Lyria, a mysterious girl being chased by the Imperial Army. But as Gran attempts to rescue her, a chain of surprising events unfolds, leading to an incredible act that binds Gran and Lyria’s fates together forever. Now, Gran and his pal Vyrn must fight to protect Lyria…and find their way to the end of the sky!


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