The Authority: A Man Called Kev

The Authority: A Man Called Kev
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Besplatna dostava za narudžbe iznad 40 EUR / 301,41 kn


Garth Ennis, creator of Preacher, writes this fast-paced, uproarious story that spins out of the hit WildStorm series The Authority. The world is a lonely place when you’re a man without a home — just ask down-on-his-luck Special Air Service Corporal Kev Hawkins. After murdering his boss in a nasty government scheme, he’s been banished from the United Kingdom under pain of death. What does the world hold for a man with little life experience or job training beyond wetworks and assassination? Then again, with a past about to catch up with Kev in the most violent and terrifying way possible, what the world holds for him may soon be beside the point.


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