Orchester-Detektive: Beethoven auf der Spur!

Orchester-Detektive: Beethoven auf der Spur!
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Malte Arkona, Orchester-Detektive: Beethoven auf der Spur! Izdanje 3CD.


  1. (If There Was) Any Other Way
  2. If Love Is Out of the Question
  3. Where Does My Heart Beat Now
  4. The Last to Know
  5. I’m Loving Every Moment With You
  6. Love by Another Name
  7. Unison
  8. I Feel Too Much
  9. If We Could Start Over
  10. Have a Heart


  1. Introduction/Love Can Move Mountains
  2. Show Some Emotion
  3. If You Asked Me To
  4. If You Could See Me Now
  5. Halfway to Heaven
  6. Did You Give Enough Love
  7. If I Were You
  8. Beauty and the Beast
  9. I Love You, Goodbye
  10. Little Bit of Love
  11. Water from the Moon
  12. With This Tear
  13. Nothing Broken But My Heart


  1. The Power of Love
  2. Misled
  3. Think Twice
  4. Only One Road
  5. Everybody’s Talkin’ My Baby Down
  6. Next Plane Out
  7. Real Emotion
  8. When I Fall in Love
  9. Love Doesn’t Ask Why
  10. Refuse to Dance
  11. I Remember L.A.
  12. No Living Without Loving You
  13. Lovin’ Proof
  14. The Colour of My Love


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