Turns Out My Online Friend Is My Real-Life Boss!, Volume 1

Turns Out My Online Friend Is My Real-Life Boss!, Volume 1
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Hashimoto spends all day at his job redoing work for his boss–who’s never happy! His only refuge is an online game, where his buddy “Uma” gives him a sympathetic ear. What he doesn’t realize is…his demon boss and Uma are one and the same!

A nerdy workplace BL dramedy manga perfect for fans of Cherry Magic!, Candy Color Paradox , and Yagi the Bookshop Goat , from the creator of The Yearning Fox Lies in Wait . Over 300 pages of manga in one volume!

Hashimoto is a perfectly average salaryman, working a repetitive office job, made all the worse by his stylish, strait-laced boss, who insists everything be done by the book. Whatever he does for this perfectionist, it’s just not good enough! Thankfully, Hashimoto can go home to his favorite online video game, where he can unload on the forgiving shoulders of his best friend, whom he knows only by the name “Uma.” The duo make plans to meet in person, but when they do, Hashimoto is horrified by a revelation that will change his entire life…


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