Wind Breaker, Volume 2

Wind Breaker, Volume 2
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Besplatna dostava za narudžbe iznad 40 EUR / 301,41 kn


With sparks flying, the delinquents’ brawl begins! It’s a one-on-one showdown between Bofurin vs Shishitoren, and only the strongest team will come out on top.

The devotees of strength, Shishitoren, is here to raid their turf!! Haruka Sakura moves to a new town in hopes of becoming the top of the infamous delinquent school, Furin High. But when he finds out that the delinquents have rebranded into a team unified by their duty to protect the town, he joins them down their path as a member of their team. Unfortunately, his start is a rocky one when he finds himself in a conflict with the rival team, Shishitoren, who owns the turf right next to theirs. The Furin leader, Umemiya, gets dragged into their bought and a Bofurin versus Shishitoren one-on-one tournament begins, with their teams on the line!


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